Success Stories

Clients flying in to work with me by commercial airlines or private jets may fly into Boston Logan Airport.

To respect the confidentiality of my clientele, I will showcase
only a handful of testimonials.

Mentorship Testimonies

“Working with Cynthia Blanc-Preiss is unlike any other experience I’ve had with any other coach. Cynthia puts you into the embodiment of your goal, not just the desire or the visualization of it. Another huge shift for me was the revelation provided by Cynthia that I do not have to work hard for money or success, that I can make the decision that I am going to operate in ease. As I continue to learn from Cynthia, I understand the power of commanding your money and experiences in life. It’s impossible to learn from Cynthia and not operate in confidence and ease. I struggled with BEINGNESS before I met Cynthia, but she nipped that in the bud.”
“I really enjoyed working with Cynthia, she is the real deal. I felt respected and there was a level of integrity in her call. I was able to apply her wise words to my own life and I am continuously seeing results everyday. Thank you Cynthia.”

Philantropy Testimonies

"Cynthia has been very supportive with the recent loss of my husband. Her caring and considerate mannerism has helped to increase my faith and hope that my circumstances will not defeat me. She is truly a blessing and I appreciate everything she does to support myself and other widows during these difficult times."
"Cynthia has been an angel to me. She came to me and teach to me when she heard that I am a widow. My husband has passed away 6 months ago and I have 3 children. 11, 8 and 9 months old. Cynthia has made me feel special, loved and reassured me that I am not alone. And it felt so good to talk to her and I felt I could cry on her shoulder as if she was sitting next to me. She had shared her experience with her husband passing and her son. She encouraged me to believe that it’s ok to cry, scream or shout. It’s ok to feel. She has asked if I needed assistance and I really did. I was out of money for 4 months and my husbands passing. She had supported me in many different ways and I really appreciate her for being there for me. She is my angel.
"During this scary pandemic, a time of uncertainty, a time without the security of my husband being here with me, I was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID 19. I became very sick and had to quarantine to my bedroom. It was very lonely. A Pastor I am acquainted with, gave my name to this beautiful Lady, Cynthia, who was looking to serve Widows. Cynthia was a breath of fresh air. She worked with my daughter for days until she was able to send me a care package of plenty of fruit and herbs to help me heal. It was a remarkable experience to have someone I don't know send love and care to me. It was very uplifting. I thank you truly Mrs. Cynthia."

Sherrita Flowers

Shay Kussman


Merline Joseph

Women & Children Advocate, Haiti